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We are a multidisciplinary team (mathematics, physics, statistics, computer science, economics, biology) with extensive experience in offering consultancy services in a wide range of industry sectors. Combining backgrounds in academia with client-oriented data science expertise, we offer advanced tailored solutions to core business management problems. Our science-based approach sets our unique statistical modeling technology apart.

César Pérez
BSc in Mathematics with 20+ years experience in data science.
Jacobo Díaz
Head of Modeling
PhD in Physics with 10+ years experience researching quantum black holes.
Victor de Buen
Principal Data Scientist
BSc in Mathematics with 30+ years experience in data science.
Andrés Segura
Data Scientist
PhD in Mathematics.
Borja Reina
Data Scientist
PhD in Physics.
Tomás Sánchez
Data Scientist
MSc in Physics.
Pradeep Bangera
Computer Scientist
PhD in Telematic Engineering.
Pablo Vera
Sales Consultant
Mª Jesús Prieto
Finance Director
BSc in Biology.


José Almagro
Advisory Board Chairman
BSc in Economy, mathematician and entrepreneur with 40+ years experience in Artificial Intelligence.

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