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In an inceasingly digitalized world, on-line behavior mirrors real life more closely than ever. People’s tastes and trends, wishes and worries, interests and needs, and even fears are expressed in how they behave in front of a display. What people search, and how and when they do so, reveals essential information about the market. OSKAR permanently tracks relevant keywords to you or your business and produces automated instant alerts whenever unusual behavior is detected in their search volume.

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Sometimes a keyword is so relevant in a market or business that tracking any unexpected changes in its search becomes essential, as they reveal situations that require immediate action. Sometimes the shear amount of keywords to be tracked is so large that no one could do it manually. In these and many other cases, OSKAR makes the difference between being one step ahead of the market or trailing your competition.

OSKAR uses state of the art technologies in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to gather information about the volume of searches of a given keyword, model and forecast its evolution in time, automatically detect anomalous behaviors, and send warning messages with information about such events as soon as they are detected to any mobile device.

Plan flash online marketing campaigns taking advantage of unexpected events that awaken sudden interest, manage critical crisis situations with a powerful reaction-tracking tool, keep always up do date with market trends that impact your investments, or simply keep a permanent eye on those topics that interest you, with OSKAR.

Never miss a business opportunity because of not being aware of new trends and hypes in your market. React within minutes to events, news or opportunities affecting your market.

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