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Our team is composed of highly experienced individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Doctors in mathematics, physics and computer sciences. Our academic profiles are complemented with years of experience working in the sectors of Data Science, Data Analytics and Statistical Modelling. We have worked with world leading companies in the Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Retail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Energy, and Mining sectors. This is why we speak your language, ensuring that our highly technical insights are translated into business-friendly terminology.

We are experts in optimizing key business areas, with a strong orientation towards maximization of profit, including:

  • Hotel room online booking Price Optimization. Our HPO system has been tested in some of Spain’s largests hotel chains.
  • Real-time advertising campaign analysis and optimization for a renowned international bank.
  • Online price optimization for a top brand of appliances in Brazil. Detailed price recommendations for each product and reference on a daily basis.
  • Full portfolio price structuring for a leading health risk prevention and occupational safety company in Spain.
  • Marketing Mix Models for a global soda beverage producer. Optimization of advertising and promotional activity in more than 40 countries.
  • Call center management optimization (resource allocation, call volume forecast) for a top 10 worldwide telecom company.

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